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Johnson Farms

Specalizing in pasture
raised Sheep and (LGD) Live Stock Guardian Dogs.

Our Family


"Katahdin rams provide 50% of the genetic makeup of the flock. It's crucial that these genetics originate from twins or triplets. Moreover, Katahdin sheep offer parasite resistance that is essential for producing the healthiest offspring possible."


"We keep only ewes that produce twins. After the second season, we cull the ewes that do not produce twins or triplets."


"A high-quality lambing is easier to achieve if the genetics from the parents are good. Mothers who have good antibodies and nutrients in the colostrum make this possible."

Livestock Guardian Dogs

"Our dogs come with a mixture of Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd. Both are an ancient breed of dogs that have been used to protect livestock from wolves, bears, coyotes, and other predators. Starting from a young age, these dogs stay with the sheep full-time, 365 days a year."